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Colm S. Herron

[The LEGO Movie](movie:376368) was a huge success and I think from writers, to animators to theatre goers everybody had a lot of fun. But it doesn't end there. Straight from the DVD we have a fake trailer for a crazy mock lego movie called 'History Cops'; it's a lot of fun.

Check it out below:

I don't know who's brainchild it was to team up Michelangelo and Abraham Lincoln in a buddy cop show but I want more. The best thing about all the Lego stories is that they essentially have a bottomless pit of resources from which to pool their characters. Not to mention they can use superheroes, presidents, Simpsons and many more to create their own storyline for whatever crazy idea comes into their head.

I hope to see a lot more Lego movies because they're just great.

So, more lego for you or do you wanna go watch Daniel Day Lewis as Lincoln instead?


More Lego Movies?

Source: ComicBookMovie


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