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When a crazed stalker breaks into your house when you're sleeping, the last thing you want to find out is that he owns an illegal machine gun, but that is exactly what happened to Sandra Bullock.

Joshua James Corbett, 39, broke into Bullock's house last week, but he wasn't there to burglarize her designer goods. Instead, he sinisterly wanted a face-to-face with the Oscar Winning actress.

Deputy District Attorney Wendy Segall who is working on the case has confirmed that Corbett broke into Bullock's home while she slept at around 5am. But, horrifyingly, the Los Angeles Police were not called until 6.30am meaning the 49-year-old actress' unwanted guest was lurking in her home for over an hour. Bullock's young son was staying with a Nanny at their Texas family home at the time of the break in.

Corbett was arrested outside the house but on the grounds of the property as he tried to escape the scene. After he was taken into custody, cops discovered that he also owned an illegal machine gun, although he did not have it with him at the time of the break in.

Corbett appears in court
Corbett appears in court

Joshua James Corbett has been charged with with felony counts of first-degree residential burglary, possession of a machine gun and stalking.

I can only imagine how frightened Bullock was when she was alerted about the intruder. Some sources are stating that she discovered Corbett herself and locked herself in a room until he was arrested.

Whenever I hear a bump in the night, I always have a surging, primal fear that somebody is lurking in the shadows. I can't even imagine the terror of discovering this nightmare had come true.

Just awful.


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