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Another day, another dating rumor for Nina Dobrev. Now the Vampire Diaries actress has been linked to James Marsden of all people.

The ever reliable Hollywood Life (sarcasm fully intended) reports that Nina Dobrev and James Marsden have been spotted on a "flirty night hanging out together" in New Orleans where they indulged in a spot of karaoke at the Cat’s Meow.

According one of those ever-reliable anonymous sources;

Nina thinks James is hot. They have met before and they did hook up and had a great time. It was a fun night of drinking and hooking up on Bourbon Street

But is any of it true? The answer in short is, probably not.

I have done a bit of online sleuthing to try and untangle this web of lies, and believe me, it's messy!

It seems like James Marsden and Nina Dobrev have actually met at the Cats Meow, but the catch is it was at the beginning of May 2014. Oh, and they were also with numerous other stars.

According to articles from that time, Dobrev and Marsden made sweet karaoke music with Evan Rachel Wood and Alexander Ludwig. Although there is no video footage of Nina and Jame's together, I did manage to sniff out this short clip of Marsden belting out 'Summer Loving' on stage.

Believe it or not, Marsden also happens to be 40-years-old. Dobrev does have a history with older men, but the age difference between her and Ian Somerhalder was sighted as one of the reasons behind their break up.

You gotta feel for Dobrev. The girl is just trying to have fun and live the single life but she is constantly embroiled in a seething mass of relationship rumors. This week alone she has been liked to Dominic Howard of Muse, Alexander Skarsgård of [True Blood](series:200767) and now Marsden. Somehow, I don't think she would have time to keep so many men on the go!

I really wouldn't blame [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) actress if she did go for James Marsden though. Have you seen this man?!


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