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True Blood fans are eager to sink their fangs into the seventh and final season of the hit TV show. Ever since there was an announcement that a major character would die, speculation has been rife it will be Eric Northman. But, what does Alexander Skarsgård have to say about the whispers?

The star has already confirmed to TV Guide that his character somehow survived the firey inferno that consumed him at the end of season six by teasing that;

He's surrounded by a lot of wet snow. That might give you a hint. The environment of northern Sweden helps him quite a bit

But now the 37-year-old actor has spoken out again, unfortunately, this time he wasn't giving much away. Skarsgård's lips were sealed when it came to rumors of Eric's death. But he did speak out about a much saucier subject.

The gay sex scene between Eric and Jason!

The homoerotic scene takes place as part of a dream sequence, and Skarsgård revealed it was difficult to film. But, not for the reasons you might think. The star explained that;

It was written like an Argentinean telenovela, totally over the top. It was tough because Ryan is incredibly funny. I couldn't stop laughing

So there you have it!


Which main character do you think will die in season seven of True Blood?

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