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With the Season 4 finale looming (it's looming, let me tell you), Game of Thrones fans like myself cannot help but wish that seasons of the HBO show were longer - and George R. R. Martin agrees.

HBO has held Game of Thrones to strict 10-episode seasons, but Martin really wishes that would change. In an interview with the New York Times, the author of the books on which the series is based said he regrets that the show's writers have had to leave out some scenes because of the episode limit on each season. He said:

I wish we had more episodes. I'd love to have 13 episodes. With 13 episodes, we could include smaller scenes that we had to cut, scenes that make the story deeper and richer.

Martin, for example, explained that a scene from the first book, A Game of Thrones, was left out in which Arya and Sansa Stark argue when invited to meet with Queen Cersei because Arya would prefer to go hunting. He also admitted that he "misses the scene because it adds texture and helps establish early on the characters of and relationship between the sisters."

Sure, most of the show's current fans would watch three extra episodes - they'd have to, to keep up. But, not all Game of Thrones characters have evenly paced storylines, and that means that even across ten episodes, some characters feel like they're waiting around for the others to kill each other (looking at you, Daenerys, sitting around in your sunny fortresses).

So, if HBO keeps the pedal to the metal for the three extra episodes, by all means - Martin's right - let it be done. If, on the other hand, they're just going to add more dialogue to further set up things that aren't going to happen for a while, then I'll pass.


Is George R.R. Martin right in wanting longer Game of Thrones seasons?

The Game of Thrones Season 4 finale airs Sunday, June 15, at 9 p.m. ET/PT.


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