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After having faced Satan's forces in This is the End, Seth Rogen and James Franco square off against an altogether more devious enemy in their bromantic new comedy, The Interview. The name is Jong-Un. Kim Jong-Un.

The spy comedy finds the two stars portraying a vain TV host (Franco, of course) and his producer (Rogen) who are about to embark on a secret assassination mission for the CIA. Their target: the juicy ruler of North Korea.

What the trailer for The Interview below:

Doesn't this trailer remind you of classic comedies like Meatballs and Spies Like Us?

In other words: it sure looks like another winner for Rogen. The actor seems on a career high after the giant success of Neighbors. Strange to think that only three years have passed since the hiccup that was The Green Hornet.

Franco on the other hand is always best when he plays stupid. He seems really stupid here.

The Interview will be conducted October 10th, 2014.


Did you like the trailer for The Interview?


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