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What is the best way to demonstrate who your number one hero is? T-shirt? Watch? Ring? Posters? Comics? Fan fiction maybe?

Australian Zac Mihajlovic, 29, spent two years (with the help of his grandfather) building a genuine Batmobile that can hit the road at a "batastic" speed!

His journey of building the ultimate vehicle began in 2009 as he bought some of the ACTUAL parts from the Batmobile which graced the Batman movie in 1989. About 30% of the car is from the movie and the rest Mihajlovic and his team made or created on their own.

And guess what? The Batmobile he created is the first car to be registered and legal! Meaning he can drive that sweet ride all over Australia without getting pulled over! Lucky guy.

However, before building this magnificent ride, Mihajlovic built the Batmobile's sidekick: the bat chopper.

He's been offered millions of dollars for his masterpiece, but Mihajlovic has kept the Batmoblie for better use. Through the Make a Wish Foundation, Mihajlovic has used his Batman suit and Batmobile to make the wishes of little kid Bat-fans come to life.

"I do a lot of charity work - I've done more than 40 Make-A-Wish wishes, I've also dropped men off at their weddings and sometimes partners organize surprise rides."

he said.

'It's the opportunity to be involved with charities like Make-A-Wish, that's the best thing, 100 per cent. Some of the younger kids don't quite get what it is, but kids above 10 get really into it, especially all the superhero stuff, they love."

He also uses this for weddings and surprise rides! This is truly the Ultimate!

What do you guys think? Would you take the time and money to build something like this for yourself and a good cause?


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