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UPDATE: If it wasn't big enough already, GTA 5 has now added an "I'm not a Hipster" update, where gamers can adorn themselves in skinny jeans, retro t-shirts and tattoos as well as a whole host of gaming improvements, new equipment and vehicles, so that everyone can manage to express their amazing individuality in exactly the same way!

There are also a bunch of new missions which involve everything from making "artistic statements about Capitalism" by trashing beach condos to getting involved in a protest and, as the police clamp down, battling against the pigs on foot, in SUVs, and in helicopters!

Check out these awesome images, or whatever.

Unnecessary glasses and stupid haircuts from GTA
Unnecessary glasses and stupid haircuts from GTA
New Dubsta truck unlocks at Rank 100
New Dubsta truck unlocks at Rank 100

There are also a number of tweaks, both for the main game and for Online Mode, they include:

- Ten existing GTA V vehicles are available for purchase, including Story Mode characters’ vehicles

- New Gold and Brushed Gold paint jobs have been added to LS Customs in the ‘Metals’ category. They unlock at Rank 100.

- A Pure Black window tint has been added to LS Customs, along with four new vehicle horns (one of which speeds up and slows down according to how you drive).

- Eight added individual player celebrations and four new paired Celebration animations.

- Players won't be charged Insurance costs anymore if their vehicle is destroyed by another player who does not have enough GTA$ to pay.

- Fixed an issue where, if an insured Personal Vehicle was destroyed, both parties had to pay the insurance costs.

- Fixed an issue where some four-wheel drive vehicles were in fact Two-Wheel drive.

- Players can now bookmark Jobs while in a Playlist from the Pause menu.

- Tear Gas does greater damage for longer. So watch it when you're out rioting.

- A small tick has been added to the first screen in the corona if a player has played a Job before, much like in the pause menu or Next Job Voting Screen.

- You can check the level of difficulty by pressing D-pad down when playing Missions.

So go and get on your artisanal coffee and fixed speed bikes now!

Source: Rockstar Games


Grand Theft Auto has always been one step ahead of its competitors when it comes to what is possible in the world of video games, so it is appropriate that GTA V is one of the most highly anticipated game to come to the new generation of consoles, the PS4, X-Box One and finally PC.

However, the scale of Grand Theft Auto 5 is still completely breath-taking.

The GTA V new generation graphics are stunning
The GTA V new generation graphics are stunning

The game is massive. In one video posted online, gamers attempted to walk across San Andreas, the fictional state in which the game is set. After almost 50 minutes, they're still wandering in the wilderness of the San Andreas countryside.

And that isn't to say that there are vast blank areas to the game. In fact, the way the game was designed was in a series of small 'eco-systems' each built separately, so that there is something of interest in every area.

And that now includes wildlife. GTA 5 contains everything from sharks to snakes, bees to buffalo, rats, monkeys, bees, puma and elk, to name just a few.

Take on Great White Sharks in GTA V
Take on Great White Sharks in GTA V


The scale of the game, combined with its constant level of detail, is what makes it so impressive. In fact, it could be described as a thousand games (and a bunch of movies) in one. Liked Need for Speed? Driver? Flight Simulator? Max Payne? Buck Hunter? Tiger Woods Golf? They're all in there. But so is so much else.

And where previous incarnations of GTA sometimes found it hard to reconcile their scale and freedom with a single storyline, GTA V has a solution here, too. Now there are three playable characters which you can switch back and forth between, allowing a level of variety that adds to the richness of the world.

One of the characters, Michael, goes to therapy in the game, and talks about something of the things you've made him do. Everything here has a consequence.

Other Non-Playable Characters remember you, too. Buy a shirt from a store before a job interview, and the next time you go in, they'll ask you how it went. Rob a store too many times, and the cops will be waiting next time you show up.

Shoot a cop in the leg, his partners will save him
Shoot a cop in the leg, his partners will save him

Sometimes, playing this game, it truly feels like there the many stories happening around you are as rich and varied as the one you are playing. Shooting at some cops, you might injure one in the leg and see him dragged to safety by his buddies and think: what's their story? It is this level of immersion that makes Grand Theft Auto 5 one of the most exciting games around.


And with the new generation of consoles that feeling is only going to increase. A number of videos have been posted online comparing the new GTA with the old, and the level of detail in now mind-blowing. Take a look at the two videos side by side here:

The grass is now split into individual blades, the water looks magnificent and there are many more animals, including big cats and hammerhead sharks.

Gamers will notice some of this straightaway, the increased amount of traffic in the streets, for example. Other things might slip by - like your car will now not only having a speedometer, a rev counter, too.

Take a look at the PS4 trailer in all it's glory below:

Some quests you can undertake only after 100% of the game is complete, and the online play (soon to include the fan-favorite Heist mode, where you can rob a bank with a small crew of friends) is surely going to be huge.

GTA remains at the forefront of what is possible in a video game. And increasingly, it looks like anything is.

But what do you think? Is GTA the best video game franchise ever? Will you be buying GTA V after its new generation release? Write in with your thoughts below the line!


Will you be buying GTA V after it's new generation release?


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