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Tino Jochimsen

In case you were thinking Colin Firth's acting capabilities were limited to him playing dour Englishman, you're in for a surprise: This trailer proves the man got range.

In Paddington, the Academy Award winner voices a Peruvian bear in search for a home. Imagining London to be exactly that, our furry hero travels to the English capital only to be overwhelmed by the big city life. Until he meets the Brown family who takes him in.

Yes, this is (hopefully) heartwarming family film territory, very British and (hopefully) very classy. Your children will probably walk out of this with an accent and bad teeth.

As for those of you who don't have children - and optimally live in Colorado or California - this looks highly promising too...

Watch the Sirtaki- induced trailer for Paddington below:


Will you dance the Sirtaki with Paddington?

Paddington arrives in theaters this Christmas.


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