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Eva Green's scantily clad breasts caused such an outcry that the poster for[Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dame to Kill For](movie:1374) was banned by the MPAA for the grave offence of “nudity — curve of under breast and dark nipple/areola circle visible through sheer gown.”

Green herself came forward to say that she thought the descision was "a bit odd", and looking at this selection of outrageously sexy action movie posters, I do to!

Check them out for yourself and decide whether Eva Greens 'nearly-nude' shot is really too sexy for the public eye...

10. A Dame to Drool For

Jessica Alba gets an A+ for nailing the sultry stripper look, but the name lets the poor lass down. Come on Frank Miller, there hasn't been a single stripper in history with the stage name 'Nancy'!


9. Can THIS Be My Homeland?

Okay, so it's an action comedy but this killer cleave and sexual innuendo combo had to have a place on the list

8. Lara Croft: Libido Raider

A skin tight silver catsuit and a gun that looks suspiciously like a hair dryer can't be the best equipment for battling Shadow Guardians, but I'm not complaining.


7. Resident BABE

The only way to get through the disjointed mess that is Resident Evil: Retribution is the power of Mila Jovovich's slinky catsuit. FACT.


6. Feline Skin Flick

Not a single soul would put themselves through this razzie winning nightmare if it wasn't for Halle and her ripe, leather clad Berries....


5. Sucker... On Me?

All of the posters for Sucker Punch hit the spot with gusto but Jamie Chung's lollypop and exposed crotch situation won the battle for me...


4. I think I just Pazzed...

I'll hold my hands up and say [Nurse 3D](movie:1194266) couldn't be classed as anything but a Horror movie, but I bet you aren't complaining at seeing a blood clad Paz De La Huerta in the list. Is this even legal?!


3. Phwoooar, Shé's SO Sexy!

Michelle Rodriguez + leather bra = rivers of salacious drool. Did I mention she spent some time dating British model Cara Delevingne?


2. That's What I Call a Killer Cleave!

All thoughts of it being unfair to include the Machete franchise twice were instantly blasted away by Sofia Vergara's bullet dispensing bra...


1. Lethal Leg Work

An oldie but a goodie. It might not seem to spicy to our modern eyes, but this poster was considered so salacious in it's time that some newspapers edited everything out above the lovely ladies knees or even painted shorts of the offending buttock area. What a waste!


So, after seeing these posters, do you think Eva Green has been 'especially bad'?



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