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Madeline Douglass

So I've recently been recovering from The Good Wife -- Will's death, Peter and Alicia's failing marriage, Diane leaving LG (!!!!???), Cary and Kalinda, etc. -- it's been tough, but I've discovered Bones. And it's helping me a lot.

I have a tendency to become a little obsessive over TV shows. No kidding, Shonda Rhimes is the root cause of my emotional instability. Seriously. So I was waiting for paint to dry last Monday (literally, I'm an artist) and decided to watch a little cooking channel, but instead I found myself watching a Bones rerun. And then another. And then another. I watched Bones until TNT ran out of reruns for me to watch. So I recorded Tuesday's reruns. And Wednesday's. And then on Wednesday, as I was waiting for my meatballs to come out of the oven, I set up a series record for ALL OF THE BONES RERUN EPISODES!!! I hadn't even seen the first five seasons!

So the following Monday, I went to the mall and bought the first season of Bones on DVD (it was on sale, and used, so I don't feel that guilty).

So here I am Thursday, sitting in a foreign Starbucks in Carmel, Indiana, having just finished the first season of Bones, and counting the hours until 3 o'clock, when I can go to the mall and get the next season.

This is very reminiscent of my Grey's Anatomy days. Which were pretty awful and traumatic. Grey's kinda took over my life, and I'm very, very afraid (like Hitchcock/Hannibal Lector afraid) that Bones is going to control my summer. Because True Blood is coming up in like 10 days, and I was very much counting on Eric Northman to rule my every spare thought. Not Special Agent Seeley Booth. (But omigod he's so hawt)

I love Bones episodes, they seem so long. Like the final episode of season 1, it didn't seem like the full 43 minutes when Brennan's dad's voice tells her to stop looking for him. And then it ended. I almost made a noise (I'm in public, so that would have been totally awkward). But it ended, and they all seem to do that! It's not like, 'oh crime's solved, end of episode.' They drag it on a little further than the solving of the crime, which I love.

Okay, so I have to pick this up later. But I will be back, I promise.



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