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Aric Allen

The phrase “spoiler alert" was just added to the dictionary for good reason. Thanks to social media and the instantaneous nature of the Internet, spoilers have become a true cultural phenomenon. Perhaps no TV show has given us more epic spoiler moments than "Game of Thrones." With over 18 million weekly viewers and over 700,000 weekly social media posts, "Game of Thrones" reaches almost 50 million social media users every week.

The past four seasons of “Game of Thrones” have taken both television and social media by storm. The “Red Wedding” episode has become synonymous with spoilers because of the chaos it unleashed on Facebook and Twitter. The “Purple Wedding” took the craze to yet another level.

The infographic below highlights who, what, where, why and how spoilers happen in Westeros. We break down the key social statistics, fascinating facts and show you which “Game of Thrones” characters rule the kingdoms of Facebook and Twitter.

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