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An interesting bit of possible rumor confirmation for the upcoming season five of AMC's The Walking Dead.

Seth Gilliam (The Wire, Teen Wolf) was announced to have joined [The Walking Dead](series:201193) cast last month. Since then fans have been speculating on who he was gonna be on the show, whether Gilliam would play a character from the comic books or someone newly created, with most of the assumptions being he would play Father Gabriel Stokes.

In the comic series on which The Walking Dead is based, Father Gabriel has been with the group since issue #61, when the survivors of The Governor's prison attack come across him hiding from the undead in his church. Initially, not trusting him, he has become a valued member of the group.

A new set photo from the currently-filming fifth season has leaked - on Imgur, via the Spoil the Dead forums and on Facebook via The Spoiling Dead Fans - and it's of Gilliam, dressed very much like a priest, wearing a clerical collar.

Image: The Spoiling Dead Fans on Facebook
Image: The Spoiling Dead Fans on Facebook

Though not officially confirmed yet by AMC, it sure looks like Father Gabriel will be a part of The Walking Dead this season.

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Back in March, on The Spoiling Dead Forums, a fan suggested that Father Gabriel may have been the one who kidnapped Beth Greene toward the end of season four in the episode "Alone", possibly because he was trying to save her. Many more fans since then have subscribed to this theory.

Yesterday, The Hollywood Reporter posted an interview with The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, and asked him about Gilliam's suspected role as Father Gabriel. Kirkman wouldn't confirm or deny Gilliam's role, instead saying,

"Seth Gilliam's character - whoever it may be - brings a lot of conflict and really cool character traits to the mix."

On season five as whole, Kirkman said it's going to hit the ground running and "be a pretty fast-paced, intense season." When asked, Kirkman also says he wouldn't be surprised if more familiar characters from the comics pop up this season, but they will be "bringing some new blood into the mix and always moving forward."

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