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Well, our confirmation is here, in the form of the news that Zack Snyder will direct Justice League after he finishes up on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

So, what do we know so far? Well, we know that our current Batman and Superman are already cast and around, alongside [Wonder Woman](movie:45787) and quite possibly Cyborg. We know that, most likely, the TV shows and movies won’t be linked (which, given that the TV shows are already opening up several disparate DC TV Universes and appearing on multiple channels, isn’t too surprising). And we know that the movie won’t be out “before 2018.”


Look, Warner Bros. is going to quickly tire of the Avengers comparisons, but let's face it it worked. It really worked. The eventual producers and filmmakers would do wise to buy a copy of the Marvel Studio film and study it like Peyton Manning dissects game footage. C'mon, don't be proud, It's why we're all even talking about this today. Its there. It works. Learn from it.


While we don't hold any hope Christian Bale will be lured back to multiple [Justice League](movie:401267) movies (or Joseph Gordon-Levitt, for that matter), and DC will surely, by necessity, break away from the tone of Christopher Nolan's trilogy, DC should keep in mind this darkness against the lightness of the other heroes is what's fun about Bruce Wayne's inclusion in the team.

In the comics, Batman has worked with just about every superhero team that exists in the DC Universe. And although it's tempting to make him more jovial around other people, implying he's lighter with friends, the character works best when he sticks to the same dead-serious character traits he utilizes in his solo stories: Obsessive detective work and fancy gadgets combined with amazing fighting skills and a knack for scaring the bejeezus out of criminals, not to mention his allies on some occasions.

A dark, gritty Batman can exist with other heroes. In fact, that's three-quarters of the fun.


Start this movie with a team already in place and already working together as a well-oiled machine. These are the world's greatest superheroes, so let them act that way. The first scene of the film should be the assemble heroes taking down a mid-level villain with ease, and ramp up the threat from there.

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A Justice League that kicks butt from the get go will set them apart from their avenging brethren and let them get directly down to business. Think of it more like a Bond movie with the high-paced action setup than your typical superhero flick with an entire act without super heroics. So jump right into the action, jump right into the super heroes, jump right into the Justice League of America: we need the team to start, not the individuals. This would work especially if the origin of the group is in Batman V Superman, hence the name 'Dawn of Justice'


If there's one storytelling device that feels specific to the Justice League, at least when it comes to superhero comics, it's that the team will split up into smaller groups to deal with problems in separate chunks before coming together as one team for the big finale.

It's a neat trick that not only gives a structure to the overall story being told, but also answers the obvious question of "Why does a team with Superman, the Flash and Green Lantern even need those other guys, anyway? Let the Trinity (Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman) shine but give all the team members get some of the spotlight by splintering them off into smaller sub-groups until the third act.

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