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We all know of the upcoming film, Batman Versus Superman: Dawn Of Justice. It is also highly speculated that Batman would be rebooted yet again. I strongly believe that Batman will get rebooted, but I have some ideas to make it more interesting. This also ties in with Batman v. Superman.

First of all...

What shouldn't happen: (at least not for the first film)

1.) A Joker central film. We have seen it before, several times. Joker is a new villain in town... blah blah blah. Batman needs to fight him... blah blah blah. Save what ever love interest he has at the time... blah blah blah. But, with my idea, Joker is still involved in the plot.

2.) A repeat of a previously used villain in a batman film becomes the main villain. Batman has such a colorful list of villains that still haven't been used in film. And now that we have a more superpower central/reliant DC cinematic universe, we can use one of his more colorful villains.

3.) Villains team up. Yuck. We've seen it before. Batman Returns, Batman Forever, Batman & Robin, The Dark Night Rises. Not again, please.

My Idea:

We all know that Batman is going to be older and more experienced in Dawn of Justice, this (hopefully) takes out the need for yet another origin. So, I think that The DOJ Batman should be post Jason Todd's Robin. This will be important for later on plots. And, it already adds a load of character development.

For the very first Batman reboot, I want something plain and simple: Under the Red Hood (but with a twist)

In the beginning of this film (if not already established in DOJ) we will learn of Jason Todd's passing. Then Batman can pal around with Nightwing and all of that fun stuff. We all know the plot of Under The Red Hood. This requires a lot of important characters though. We already have Batman and Alfred, so who will play the rest? Who will be Ra's Al Guhl, Joker, Nightwing, Black Mast, Gordon? I'll tell you in the last part of my article. My idea for a possible twist is that, instead of having Nightwing in the movie, we have Batgirl, and she becomes paralyzed by the explosion in the end. I feel like this works well because it brings to life two different Batman stories. Also, we get Oracle in the next film (and this could lead to a Birds of Prey film). I feel like this shouldn't be treated as a Batman film, though. It should be simply Under The Red Hood. Then the next film can be "Batman One" or "Batman: Blah Blah" or something along those lines.

The next film can feature a colorful/lesser known Batman villain that hasn't been used in film yet. The only exception to my earlier rule of no repeats would have to be Mr. Freeze. I feel like he wasn't done enough justice, but I would rather save him for a later film. I feel like this film though (Batman One) could either have a new Robin in it (most likely Tim Drake) or no Robin at all. It should start out with a minor villain being busted (Zsasz, Calendar Man, Mad Hatter). Then a bigger threat could arise. I'm thinking this film's main villain could be (in particular greatest to least quality order): 1.) Man-Bat, 1.) Killer Croc, 3.) Killer Moth, 4.) Vintriloquist. The first three are very scary and monster-like, I feel like the most fun time can be had with a Batman movie (or TV episode) when Batman fights villains like these. So, Batman fights this villain, and wins. At the very end, Batman drops the villain off at Arkham and runs into a pretty little blonde staff member on the way out. This is Harleen Quinzel. She goes and gets acquainted with her newest patient, the Joker, in the last scene of the film (or that can all be an after credits scene, not really DC's thing though). I feel like this should be the last Batman film before the Justice League movie, and then we can have a film with Harley being bad with another more manipulable villain (most likely Killer Kroc; Man-Bat belongs as the villain in the prior film), and maybe, just maybe a hired hit (Deadshot). So, this Harley Quinn central film could be the second movie.

If there was to be a third film, then that would be a good time for Mr. Freeze. But Freeze wouldn't be the main antagonist, at least not until the end. I think that Clayface deserves some film time too. So, Victor Fries could be a character that we meet in the beginning of the film and he can have some sort of connection to Wayne Tech. Throughout the first 1/2 to 2/3 of the film, Batman would be dealing with Calyface. Then, near the end, Mr. Freeze could show up and be the bigger problem (it would be cool to see Mr. Freeze shot a giant Clayface monster with a freeze blast), this would be in the fashion of The Dark Knight, in which Joker is the main problem for most of the film... up until Two Face comes around.

I believe that that would be an interesting path to take. It leaves it open to have films later on (maybe a Batman Beyond), and it represents some great villains in desperate need of some film time. Best of all, we still get a great dose of The Joker without being repetitive and making him the star of a film; instead, he gets put in a manipulative position, pulling the strings of other villains (where he belongs really, as a ring leader), this gives us enough time to plan up a great role for Joker in a film... The leader (or co leader with Lex) of the Injustice League in a Justice League sequel (the first JL film should just deal with one large threat, most likely Darkseid, Starro, or Atlantis)

Casting the missing links:

Jim Gordon:

Woody Harrelson. Quite unconventional, I know. But I love it when Woody play's a man of the law, he does it so well. He is one of the greatest actors alive as well.

Batgirl/Barbara Gordon/Oracle:

Isla Fisher. She just looks, and acts the part. She would be good for this role, at least for a lack of a better answer. I'd much enjoy seeing an unknown actress as the Batgirl.

Nightwing (maybe):

Anton Yelchin. I liked him in Star Trek... why not Nightwing?


Emile Hirsch. I really enjoy Emile Hirsch as an actor. He's got some chops, and he seems like his Joker type is the right kind for the Red Hood plot.

Harley Quinn:

Ellen Page. I've been wanting to see Ellen Page in a DC film forever. I can just picture her as a staff member at Arkham with a white overcoat, and as an obsessive romantic psycho. I'd love to see it.

Jason Todd:

Brady Corbet. A real up and coming actor, maybe he can take on this role.


Sam Rockwell. This casting is interchangeable with the Joker. Both Emile and Sam would do well with both roles.

Mister Freeze:

Cristoph Waltz. Enough said, really.

Clayface (Basil Karlo):

Walton Goggins. He is a good, low profile actor. This role can mean great things for him, and he could mean great things for this role.


Johnny Lee Miller. I like him on Elementary. He is about the right fit for this role.

Black Mask:

I honestly thought that the whole Bruce Willis idea was interesting. So, i'm gonna go with Bruce Willis on this one.

Keep in mind that this is only any idea, and it is almost far fetched.


What did you think?


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