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Thy Interview W/ Macon Blair

ThyCriticMan: Macon Blair has become a worthy contender for major lead-man roles in the independent film circuit with the recent release of revenge-thriller film Blue Ruin. This rave-worthy masterpiece had an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign and received critical acclaim upon its release. Brought to select theaters on April 25th, 2014, and starring Macon Blair as a depressed man on a mission, Blue Ruin is being celebrated by everybody who has had the chance to lay their eyes on it!

My first question is simple! Did you expect all the praise and glory when you initially viewed the final product?

Blair: Thank you for the kind words. No, I would not say I expected the response to be as warm as it’s been. The first time I saw it all finished was at the premiere and while I felt like Jeremy had done an excellent job, had basically achieved what he set out to do, I thought it would just find a small but respectable audience, maybe do a few more festivals, and get a quiet DVD release. But I don’t think any of us were thinking it would get such a wide release or land so well with audiences all over the place. It’s been overwhelming and great and surreal.

ThyCriticMan: As you probably have heard or read countless times….one of the components that make Blue Ruin such a strong film is the tremendous quality of the acting. As the lead-man responsible for the majority of it, do you feel that your hard work has paid off? You had to be mellow, depressed and practically void of charisma for the role. With that said, you constantly remain intriguing and legitimately had me convinced that Dwight is indeed a broken man. Great acting at its finest! How did you psych yourself up for the role?

Blair: I’m mellow, depressed, and devoid of charisma in real life so I barely lifted a finger. Here’s the thing: the crew on the movie was working for $100 a day or less humping cable and lights all the hell over Virginia, we had producers running around all day trying to line up locations and picture cars and cast and everything else, Jeremy is barely sleeping at all because he’s doing everything at once so there was a tremendous amount of hard work being done on this movie but I did the very least of it. But yes, it’s all paid off in spades. For the role, I learned my lines and I grew a beard. The rest was just listening very closely to my director.

ThyCriticMan: I dug into how the film was made and learned a ton of interesting facts about the production! Such as you and Jeremy Saulnier being best friends and how you were the only dude that he wanted for the role! I personally think it is awesome that his dreams came to the big-screen with such successful results. Do you have any fascinating stories regarding your experience behind the scenes?

Blair: I’m not sure if I have anything that qualifies as a “fascinating” story, but I was personally fascinated to find myself lying on the floor of the cabin in the woods where I used to come for family reunions when I was little, covered in fake blood, with Eve Plumb hovering over me asking if I was doing alright, if I needed anything. That image is kind of seared into my brain, having been obsessed with The Brady Bunch as a little kid, thinking about how if you’d told the five year old me that in a few decades he would be right back in this exact same spot in the woods pretending to do mortal combat with Jan Brady, his brain would have melted.

ThyCriticMan: Dude, I must be honest with you. I was very disappointed with one scene in the film! It happened to be in a diner where you came onto the camera without having something very cool on your face. You see, I’m what you can call a beard enthusiast. I’m grumpy as can be when I am clean-shaven as I just feel…blahhhhhh. So I guess my question would be….WHY MACON? WHY? No, but in all seriousness, what was it looking growing that wonderful piece of art? And how glorious was it shaving it? Must have been enough to fill up an entire toilet bowl eh?

Blair: It felt great to shave it. I couldn’t wait. It was hot and itchy. It filled up a large Ziploc bag which, I believe, is still sitting in Jeremy’s basement for some reason. The funny thing was I walked onto set the next day and said hello to some of the crew and they had no idea who I was. They literally looked right through me. “Eh, some weirdo saying hello.”

ThyCriticMan: Okay Macon, I want to hear why you personally think Blue Ruin is awesome and why folks should attempt to see it. Spill your heart out!

Blair: Very simply, I just think it’s a fun time in a darkened theater (or living room, being as it’s also available on iTunes, plug, plug). It’s a classic pulpy revenge story (and who doesn’t like one of those?) that plays off a very ordinary and non-classic protagonist, someone who absolutely doesn’t belong in this type of movie and that, we hope, makes it weird and interesting and unique. It’s tense, it’s bloody, it’s funny, it’s sad, it has cars and crossbows and seagulls and sandwiches and all the shit people love to see in movies.

ThyCriticMan: When is the next time we will have the opportunity to see you on-screen? Does Jeremy have a new plan in the works? I could totally understand if you cannot spill the beans on either question by the way!

Blair: Not sure when you’ll see me on-screen next, hopefully soon. Jeremy is prepping his new movie now, it’s called GREEN ROOM, it’s scheduled to shoot later this year, and it will make BLUE RUIN look like Sunday school.

Special Note from Thy Critic Man: Thank you for the interesting interview Macon Blair! However, I refuse to believe you about the void of charisma part judging from your always amusing to read tweets. The stories that you have provided certainly qualify as awesome in my books. You have had a dream come true and it sounds like you had a great time on set! As for the story about the beard and the ziplock bag…I find it both hilarious and neat that he keeps it…perhaps as memorabilia or a collectible from his success story of a flick! I will keep my eyes open for any upcoming information on the Green Room and also look out for any new film with your name on the cover!

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