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The tarp is FINALLY off. No more guessing of what the famous LexCorp building will look like. It's nothing to really go nuts over, but I do like the modern day look of it. My guess is, this will be the new corporate office. We did see a glimpse of the previous office building in Downtown Metropolis during the destructive fight in [Man of Steel](movie:15593):

But there are obvious differences between the two. For starters, Do you notice the logo of the new building? Maybe Luthor had to rebuild his little office space because the other was destroyed during that epic fight between Zod and Superman.

Jesse Eisenberg is rumored to be on set this week for filming so maybe we will also catch a glimpse of his bald dome soon. With finding a new location, rebuilding, and re-branding, that kind of stress will get to anyone right? haha.

To be fairly honest, I'm dying to see a sneak peak of what [Wonder Woman](movie:45787) is going to look like. So far We have seen 2 of the big 3. Let's hope there will be a reveal soon.

Source: ComicBookMovie

What do you think of the new structure? What are your theories? Sound off below!


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