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We all love a good gangster mob movie but does it beat 'Godfather' the father of all gangster movies? NO! However it ranks second best gangster film in my book.

You have yourself 3 good guys Henry, James and Tommy. They steal, do drugs have mistresses, they do what gangsters do best. This film was based on a true story about Henry Hill from the book called ‘Wiseguy’.

I enjoy watching this film time and time again as I love the story and the way it's told. However it's not just those points I mentioned, it's also the way it is shot! The cinematography in this film makes it so realistic and goes so well with the story.

You have all different types of shots, which are done in films from your establishing to long, mid and close-up shots. My favorite of all is the scene when they are going to the restaurant ‘Copacabana’ this scene is one of the best scenes in this entire film 'It sure is.' This film draws our attention specifically to this scene, here’s why: 3 minutes and 5 seconds let me emphasize this once more 3 minutes and 5 seconds of that entire long tracking shot that’s how long it was. In the scene there is nothing bad going on, just two happy couples crossing the road, walking into the club from the back way, through narrow corridors straight through the kitchen into the club where then a table is being hovered over customers and then put on the floor along with a table lamp on top.

Another restaurant scene
Another restaurant scene

Tell me that's not a perfect enough explanation. A lot of people were all over this scene this is one of the best tracking shots i have ever scene... literally in Cinema. This is where the Steadicam was first being introduced in not just Scorsese's films but to many other filmmakers since is launch in 1975.

Below is a short video taken from the making of the 'Goodfellas' . It also shows you the famous tracking shot scene in full.

Editing wise this film has amazing jump cuts so sharp and precise and straight to the point when wanting to express details on certain scenes, to bring that suspense and excitement within the film.

Scorsese’s films are all well planned and thought through. I enjoy watching his films and like the way he portrays the stories on screen.

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