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The Fault in Our Stars is based off the book known world wide and written by John Greene. Now I am not much of a reader but sometimes I wish I was. When movies like this come along for some reason I can't stop thinking about them. Last summer The Spectacular Now came along and I was completely captivated by the film. It through me for a loop of how true and genuine a love story could be in movie. The Spectacular Now was my favorite movie of 2013 with Her coming in at a close second. This is my kind of genre. I am in love with love stories. I know it might be weird but they get me where most movies don't.

First of all I love Shailene Woodley. She was amazing in The Spectacular Now and she surprised me with Divergent as well. Coming into watching The Fault in Our Stars I knew she would pull off the role of Hazel Grace Lancaster perfectly and guess what? She does without a doubt. She gives one of her greatest performances if not her best performance yet. I hope with this being a more widely known movie that she gets the recognition she deserves from the academy.

The movie itself follows the book pretty much to an exact science, which I don't think would bother the normal movie goer who had read the book, but for me I wish I hadn't read any of the book. I wish I didn't know what was coming next because with a movie like this, it would have been amazing not to know the ending. In terms of the story itself I loved it. It couldn't have been any more captivating and beautiful to watch. As a teenager myself I can easily relate to a movie like this. The one thing that sets this movie apart from a normal teenage love story is the fact that both Hazel and Gus have cancer or some sort of disease that could kill them at any moment if something were to go wrong. I love and hate this aspect of the story. Its beautiful and sad at the same time.

Ansel Elgort is also very good in this movie. My only complaint would be that he seemed a little too happy at times, but by the end of the movie I realized why his character was like that. Sometimes when people are sick they have to seem as up beat as possible to keep people from thinking anything is wrong.

The Chemistry between the two main characters was also something I noticed. They were perfect together. I completely bought the relationship and thats the most important thing when it comes to a movie like this.

Overall I loved pretty much everything about this film. An amazing sad and real story that happens to a lot of people all around the world. The world is truly a sad and unforgiving place. Everybody meets their destiny in different ways. Unfortunately some are forced to meet theirs way before their time is up. This movie is the perfect example of that.

Film Grade: A


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