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I AM SO EXCITED. Can't you tell? I had to put it in shouty capitals. I have to say that I've been rooting for Peter and Alicia to end up together since season 1 -- I think because I'm such a fan of Noth's, if she ended up with Will, he might leave! -- but I did cry (and cry hard -- very ugly sobbing, really) when Will got shot. I didn't see it until Monday after, and man was it a shock.

I just. I -- what?!? If anyone were to get shot/killed, (which trust me, I'm a Grey's Anatomy fan, I expect all of my fave characters to get maimed in some horrible, twisted, Shonda-Rhimes-esque way), I thought it would be Peter. No seriously, even though I love Peter and Alicia (Palicia for all you non-shippers out there), I totally expected Alicia and Will to ultimately end up together. So many (awful) scenarios used to run through my mind about how they'd get Peter out of Will's way:

1. Bland and expected -- Peter cheats on Alicia, she divorces him.

2. Peter has a heart attack -- maybe I was playing off Mr. Big a little bit? Remember when he had the heart thing in season 5 and Carrie freaked out? I don't know, but this seemed like a plausible way to get rid of Governor Florrick.

3. Peter and Eli (and maybe Alicia) are in a car accident. This is one I had like, fully played out in my head (and I wonder why I got through calculus with a B-...): They're in the gubernatorial limo/car and they get hit by some nut job who hates Peter. Eli gets a concussion, but the car hits the passenger side of the limo where Peter was sitting and he get the worst of it. He's in and out of a coma, bleeding internally, has a heart-to-heart with Alicia, telling her he's always loved her, he's sorry, blah blah blah, and then he dies. And then Will shows up at his funeral, Alicia goes berserk, screaming at him, and then breaks down sobbing into his lovely, lovely arms.

4. Peter gets shot: Alicia gets a phone call (not unlike the one she received regarding the tragic death of our dear Will) that someone walked into the Governor's office and opened fire, killing Peter.

5. Peter gets a lucrative job offer out of state: this is a little far-fetched, but we don't really have much of a background regarding Peter's law experience outside of politics. What if he was a really brilliant lawyer who just had a passion for politics? Before the race for governor is finished, he gets a call from [New York] (wherever) offering him a high-paying , important job in a famous firm? He and Alicia are kind of on the outs, she's busy with work, etc. etc.... He's out of the picture. (Far-fetched, like I said, also I didn't think this one through as much as others).

Alas, Willicia fans' dreams crumbled with poor Will's demise. I have to say that I typed a tweet the morning that I found out about Will. It read, "GO PALICIA!" But then I thought that was a little rude, and not a little vague, so I changed it to "WILL NOOOO! PALICIA YASSSSS!" But that was very rude, and my mother probably would have thought I was pocket-tweeting or something. Several other tweet-drafts were drafted, but, they were, y'know, a little mean and included some French (if you get my drift -- if you don't, I mean the F-word). So I ditched the idea of tweeting my feelings for poor Will, and instead gave him a nice memorial picture on my Instagram account. It got 7 likes or favorites or whatever.

This post was going to go somewhere that specifically wasn't Will's death or my Palicia-shipping dreams, but I don't remember now.

This season was just the pinnacle of Julianna Margulies and Matt Czuchry's performances in The Good Wife, if you ask me. The season was a little lacking in Eli-time if you ask me, and Chris Noth's appearances were just enough to be satisfying, but also wanting more. Cary is just adorable, and I am confident that he will be an outstanding male lead after Will's death. Josh Charles is terrific, and I'm sure he will continue to be terrific in everything he does, but I'm glad the writers are giving Czuchry a more upfront role.

Diane has been one of my favorite female characters, TV and film, for a couple of years now, and from what I'm foreseeing, that won't change. (Btw, I'm not psychic in the least). I was very sorry to hear about the passing of the lovely Christine Baranski's husband, and have sent many thoughts and prayers her way.

The Good Wife is a riveting, brilliantly acted and written show. I hope it continues for many more seasons. The actors deserve all of the accolades they have received and more, and I wish my friends would listen to me and give it a chance and stop being all superior-feminist-"I'm-not-going-to-watch-any-show-that-call-itself-'The-Good-Wife'"-[insert expletive here]s. Come on guys.

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