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This all came into my mind so fast and I had to put in on paper or on the internet before I forgot the whole thing. So anyways, back to topic, a couple weeks ago I took it upon myself to read the Captain America: The Winter Soldier comic book collection, and I must say I was very impressed with it and the movie itself, and give a few connections/opinions with a review on the movie, and highlight the differences etc.

One huge comparison i was able to pick out from both the movie and the comic book was Steve's struggle to accept the fact that Bucky was the Winter Soldier. It seemed in both he struggled to realize that it was possibility he was going to have to kill Bucky. The comic book was very good at bringing out his emotions, frame by frame.

SO lets get down to the business

1. Black Widow's Role in CA:TWS.

So we all know that Black Widow was the big star next to Captain America in the movie. But in the comic book, Black Widow was no where to be seen. I was waiting for her to show up, but she never came, instead, Agent 13 a.k.a Sharon Carter was the main lady spotlight of the comic book. She was the one trying to point Steve in the right direction even when he didn't believe in the real world.

2. Crossbones!

Where was the real Crossbones costume! I mean, i love the skull mask, i didn't like how they just showed the beginnings of Brock Rumlow in the movie i wanted to see the full blown Crossbones costume, i was expecting it and was sadly disappointed. As i looked through the pages of the comic book i was able to pull out parts that they had replaced crossbones with Bucky, like they replaced Sharon Carter with Black Widow. One in particular that stood out was the part of the movie where Steve is fighting Bucky along the highway.

It seemed similar and just reimagined the the way marvel needed it to be.

3. Who the Hell is Bucky?

Yes folks it is true, the iconic line from Captain America during the road fighting scene, "Who the hell is Bucky" Comes directly from the comic book! When i read this part i secretly shrieked inside. I was proud of Marvel for putting that line in the movie, because without it, it wouldn't have been quite convincing being said that it was based off the comic book.


4. The Flashback Scenes

I can honestly say that i was quite proud of Marvel in this movie with their flashback scenes because they where spot on compared to the comic book. In the section of the comic book where it talks about the birth of the winter soldier there are many tiny pictures on each page and you have to look at it closely to pick out every single thing, but marvel did a wonderful job with set design making it look realistic. Even his robotic arm was right on target. The exact same way it was presented in the movie.

5. The Action Scenes

Before the movie came out there were many different concept art pieces about different action scenes that were very likely to be in the movie. One of them is very familiar and like a lot of other things in this article, it came from the comic book too!

Like this scene for example! It was one photo that kept popping up over the internet and it kept me curious to see if it was in the movie and of course i was looking for it in the comic book as well and sure enough, i found it!

It's on the same side and everything, kudos to you marvel for such precise detail to every comic book scene of the movie!

6. The Tear Jerker Scene

The line from the movie, "I'm with you till the end of the line" Was one that could have caused some major feelings in many people. The line really proved how much of a friend that Steve was to Bucky and that he was going to be with him, till the end of their days. The comic book was similar concept just not with the attention grabber line that had everyone on the edges of their seats. It was more toned down to the simple point of if your going to shoot me then do it. I think marvel won on this side by adding the dramatic parts of this scene of Bucky rejecting the man he truly is and beating Steve down to the ground.

The original page from the comic book looked like this.

Not exactly the same thing, but close to the point.

There are plenty of things that connected between the comic book and the movie and felt that marvel did a great job at capturing that comic book feel.

I want to hear from you comic book fans out there. How did you feel about Captain America: The Winter Solider? Did you feel like it was close to the comic book in some respects? Leave a comment below!


How well do you think Marvel connected with the comic book?


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