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I know there are an infinite number of these out there, but that's for a good reason: We all have different opinions! I have not seen too many recently though that I agree with too much, so here's my opinions. Some of these characters will be lesser known too, which is how I think the next Batman movie should be. Also, you may notice that a lot of these actors are from the same shows... that's because those shows are awesome!



Ben Affleck

Don't like it? Deal with it.

Dick Grayson/Nightwing

Sam Clafin

He plays Finnick in The Hunger Games movies. He is a lesser know actor, which keeps costs down, and he is a pretty good actor too. Plus, if you have seen Catching Fire, you now he has experience with a weapon, which would transfer well to Nightwing.

Michael B. Jordan

BUT HE'S BLACK! I don't care. He is one of my favorite actors, and he definently has the Nightwing look -- pretty boy, but can get the job done. Now let's just hope The Fantastic Four flops so that DC can recruit him!


Which one?

Jason Todd/Red Hood

Jensen Ackles

I've really never though of another choice that could top this. The dude is perfect for the role. From what I've seen, he has experience playing a "tortured soul" type character on Supernatural, plus, he voiced The Red Hood in Under the Red Hood (though I would prefer his normal voice over that one)! There really isn't a better choice than him.

Kit Harrington

If you don't like Ackles though, Harrington is also a phenominal actor, and has plenty of experience with a weapon. I think he would pull of a great, dark, Red Hood.


Which one?

Barbra Gordon/Batgirl/Oracle

Emma Stone

Emilia Clarke

How ironic, these are my top two choices for future wives too! Well putting my love life aside, these are two wonderfully talented young actresses. Though, they would both be more Oracle-esqe choices. I have never seen them do a very physical role, so I don't know if they have the capability. But, with Terminator: Genesis approaching, maybe Emilia will prove herself!


Which one?

Tim Drake/Robin/Red Robin

Logan Lerman

Fantastic actor, absolutely looks the part. He could pull it off.


Someone else?

Love Intrest(s)

Selina Kyle/Catwoman

Gemma Arterton

Her voice SCREAMS Catwoman. If for no other reason, I want her just for the voice. Everything about her just has that sexy/mysterious quality, which defines Catwoman. Also, if you avoid using A-List actors, again, it helps keep the cost down.


Someone else?

Talia al Guhl

Olga Kurylenko

Talia is foreign, raised in the middle east. If she has no accent (or a French one -___-), then that is betraying the souce material as well as the plot of the movie. Olga has the perfect accent, not Middle Eastern, but not American or European. Plus, she is a great actress and definitely looks the part.


Someone else?

Now for the best part...


Batman is defined by his villains, as they are by him. If not cast correctly, the whole movie would fall apart. So, lets get started.


I love Deathstroke and would love to see him done right (*shoot a stink eye to Arrow*). For a more detailed list of choices, that I am borrowing from, go to this adress:,manual#!YfU5n

Ron Perlman

Brad Pitt

Gerard Butler


Which one?


Christoph Waltz

Lets be honest, he would be awesome in a ton of different roles!

David Tennant

I prefer Waltz, but if they go younger, I would back Tennant.


Which one?

Mr. Freeze

Now, because I know everyone is going to vote Tennant on the last one, I need to get Waltz back in there somewhere.

Christoph Waltz

Seriously, this guy rocks. He could make a chilling Mr. Freeze! (Oh great, now I sould like Schwarzenegger)


Good or bad?

Killer Croc

Chad Coleman

Great actor. He could do it. I haven't really seen any better suggestions, so feel free to give one. That being said, I do really like Coleman and would love to see him as Waylon Jones.


Someone else?

Non-Negotiable Villains

I have my mind made up on these, hints on-negotiable.

Ra's al Guhl

Pedro Pascal

Yet another Game of Thrones guy, but honestly, the accent and watching the Red Viper fight sealed the deal for me. He is perfect. And if you think he's too young, two words: Lazarus Pit. If you don't know what that is, then stop pretending. You are not a real Batman fan.


Good or bad?

Victor Zsasz

I want to see a cinematic Zsasz more than any other character, and I think there's one guy who could do it better than anyone:

Walton Goggins

Watch a few episodes of Justified. Then try to argue with me.


Good or bad?

Black Mask

Giancarlo Esposito

If you haven't seen Breaking Bad yet, WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?! Also, if you want further reinforcement on this choice, then watch a few episodes of Revolution. I honestly think there is not a better choice for this role on the face of the planet. He is a phenomenal actor.


Good or bad?


Two-Face is my favorite Batman villain, with the Long Halloween being my favorite graphic novel. He has not been done justice yet, and I want to see it done right.

Joel Edgerton

This guy is raw talent. Great actor, does well in a physical role, and again, not A-list (but should be).


Good or bad?

Misc Villains

Others that I don't feel too strongly about.

Scarecrow: Steve Buscemi

Hush: Simon Baker (The Mentalist)

Bane: Javier Bardem

Mad Hatter: Peter Dinklage (why not?)

If you're wondering why there's no Joker, it's because I honesty have no idea. I HATE when people say Crispin Glover, and a few other common ones. I would say Elijah Wood or Adrien Brody, but I really just don't know. Please feel free to make some suggestions, specifically on the Clown Prince himself

Well, that's it! Let me know what you think!


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