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"Saturday, March 24th, 1984. Shermer High School. Shermer, Illinois. 60062."
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The following passage does contain several spoilers!

Friday the 13th is upon us! And like myself most of you are probably planning on kicking back and strolling down memory lane with these classic movies and Jason himself. But before you do that, lets review some of the more memorable moments from this iconic franchise.

13. Jason goes to Hell (Literally)

Jason has survived burnings, stabbings, and some shootings, not to mention being blown to pieces and falling back down to earth from space itself. But even the most deadly of all of his various deaths couldn't stop him from coming back eventually.

12. Jason Gets An Upgrade

Another memorable moment would be this scene from Jason X. Just when everyone thinks he's been defeated, he slowly walks through the smoke just to reveal himself to be not only alive, but even more deadly than before.

11. New York Has A New Problem

Another truly epic moment would be when Jason figures out a way to haul himself all the way to Manhattan just to finish off a few teenagers. And while doing so he manages to epically stand in the heart of a little place called Times Square. Unfortunately though he doesn't get there until the final 20 minutes of the movie. It's still a great moment regardless, and a great movie as well!

10. ''Goin ta' Camp Blood Ain cha?

Something the newer Friday the 13th's have been missing is a local nick-named ''Crazy Ralph''. And he definitely upped the creep factor in the first two films. Most Notably the moments of when he warns the various campers not to go to Camp Crystal Lake. Unfortunately though he had to pay for exactly what he warned everyone else about.

9. Face Smash

Blood and gore are almost as synonymous with Jason as he is with Friday the 13th. And he has definitely proved that over his 30 year course as a Slasher movie staple. It's hard to name the best of his kills. But this kill from Jason X is definitely way up there.

8. Crispin Glover's Epic Dance Scene

What would an 80's slasher flick be without a little comedy? Let alone a Friday the 13th flick. And perhaps one of the most memorable of these comedic moments is from Friday the 13th part 4, when Crispin Glover's character dances an epic dance.

7. Unmasked

Another memorable moment is again from Friday the 13th part 4 when Jason is unmasked, just like in almost all of his movies. But this time you can tell even from his disfigured face. He was definitely not happy.

6. Un-Armed

Another memorable Friday the 13th moment. Jason comes across several paint ball players. And one frustrated player doesn't seem to know Jason is near, which ultimately cost him his machete, and his arm.

5. Freddy vs Jason

Something fans have been waiting for finally managed to come to life back in 2003. Both fans of the Nightmare On Elm Street and Friday the 13th franchises alike got to see both of these titans of terror finally go at it. Who will ever forget that moment they met face to face in the midst of smoke and fire? Epic.

4. Beheaded

This moment ladies and gentlemen, is partially the reason Jason is what we know today. Somewhere in the darkness he watched this epic moment of his mother being beheaded for his sake. Which drove him over the edge and turned him into a Horror movie icon.

3. Manipulated

One of the most memorable moments from the franchise is this one- when Ginny manipulates Jason into thinking that she was his mother... just long enough for her boyfriend to come and save the day. This moment reveals to the audience that the villain does actually have a weakness. It also displays just how loyal Jason really is to his mother in law...kidding.

2. The Boy In The Lake

Ask anyone who saw this movie in theaters back in 1980 and you'll ultimately get the same explanation for how surprised they were at this legendary movie ending. Definitely one of the greatest, if not THE greatest scares in cinema history.

1. A Mask To Remember

This is the ultimate moment people. In my opinion this is the greatest Friday the 13th moment ever, so far. It's not only a great killing scene, but also the very first time you see perhaps the most recognizable mask in movie history. Ever..

And that finally does it for my top 13 greatest Friday the 13th moments. Did I leave any out? Which one will you never forget? Tell me below!


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