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I got to admit, I love Gal Gadot. She was definitely worth watching in the [Fast & Furious 6](movie:37143) franchise. She fought, shot guns, and looked hella hott behind the wheel of a fast car.

But when I heard she would play my favorite female superhero I was like, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO"! I thought, love her but she can't play [Wonder Woman](movie:45787).... Yeah she's strong but she couldn't pull off superhuman strong. Nor does she look like wonder woman to me.

But then I thought, If not her then who would I like to play the hottest superhero a man would want to get rescued by. Heck, wouldn't mind getting caught by her either!!! I could only think of four actresses that could pull it off.

1. Jaimie Alexander

I mean she's more or less there already.
I mean she's more or less there already.

Jaimie is on tough cookie as she shows in Thor. And she has the look to got with it. She is the first person that I thought of. (I think it was the outfit) And she's not a woman that I would get i the way of... she kicked but in Kyle XY and now she dominating wars in Thor. Yes, I think she would be a younger looking Wonder Woman, but a Wonder Woman to say the least. She seem to have to whole - I am woman, hear me roar thing - down packed. And did I mention I think she'd good in a Wonder Woman costume???

2. Rhona Mitra

She look a lot like the older version of Wonder Wom
She look a lot like the older version of Wonder Wom

Here another woman that I know has kicked some butt in the movies. I remember her most from Underworld 3. She kicked butt and she's hot...and I could piture her throwing car if she need too. She's also known for her roles in shoot em up movies and boy does she do it well. Granted she does have the British accent but it's hot and it's seem rather easy to hide.

3. Colbie Smulders

I can just look at this pic all day!
I can just look at this pic all day!

The last thing I'd seen Colbie in was Captain America 2, which was awesome by the way... just saying! She plays a Shield agent and a tough one at that. They haven't shown her doing any hand to hand combat (that I can recall) but I don't care. For me, there is somthing about this woman that screams, WONDER WOMAN!!!!! And I mean come on , Robin Scherbatsky as Wonder Women, that would be LEGEND..... wait for it ( for the HIMYM fans out there)....DARY - LEGENDARY!

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And now that I'm thinking about it, all three have the voice that I believe an amazon would have. One of those Deep (not manly), Raspy, Strong voices that could intimidate anyone that gets in the way

Last but not least... even though this next woman has played in action films but I can't remember having to get her hands dirty...

4.Jillian Murray

This girl is hott, hott, hott!
This girl is hott, hott, hott!

I'm 100% about this one but I thought I'd throw it out there anyway. I mean if Wonder Woman were real.......She'd look like this nough said.

I'm sure not everybody would agree with me but let me know what you think... Or tell someone else that could added into this mix of STRONG and Beautiful Women!!!


Out of these women, who would you pick to be Wonder Woman?


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