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There were a number of alterations made for José Padilha's [RoboCop](movie:23537) reboot this year, most notably the fact that Dr. Dennet Norton (played effortlessly by Gary Oldman) had for some reason decided to save Officer Murphy's right hand.

  No Murphy... your other right...
No Murphy... your other right...

If our memory serves us, no one seemed to have much to say about the tweak. Perhaps it was lost in all the other alterations, perhaps nobody cared? The film hasn't been amongst the best received this year (for the record, we quite liked it) but whatever the case, a deleted scene on the newly released Bluray has revealed all:

A little inconsequential but it does reveal another interesting shade to Michael Keaton's smartphone obsessed billionaire.

What do you make of it? Should they have kept it in? Did you even like the reboot? Let us know below.



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