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News broke just yesterday that DC would be ramping up their comic book movie output by announcing a full slate of movies leading all the way up to Man of Steel 2 in 2018. Warner Bros. will officially announce the upcoming films at Comic Con in July, but in the mean time we can certainly mull over just exactly what this list is proposing.

Amongst the Justice League centric list, and set for a July 2016 release, is Shazam aka Captain Marvel (no not that Marvel), allegedly the most popular hero of the 1940's. Whaddya know.

More interestingly though, is who exactly the studio will look at for the role. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has been circling the DC universe for quite some time and, as we reported at the end of April, might just be the perfect fit. He's certainly got the look, not to mention the build, and if this tweet is anything to go by, he's certainly keen on a role:

Black Adam is the renegade Egyptian villain of the series, who was more recently written into an antihero role by David S. Goyer. This was before Goyer had made the move to writing DC movies for Warner Bros. so if he's on the script here it could prove very interesting.

Whether the actor will be chosen for Black Adam or Shazam- or even at all!- is yet unknown but you do get the feeling he's edging closer to the DC universe. we'll most likely have to wait for Comic Con in July for any sort of news but let us know how you would feel about it in the comments below.

Whatever the case, [Shazam](movie:738107) is down for July 2016.

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