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How will American Horror Story top such freakish treasures as Naomi Grossman as Pepper the Pinhead and Chloë Sevigny as the monstrous Shelley? Why, by giving Sarah Paulson two heads of course!

Check out the first look of the actress all dolled up as Bette and Dot the conjoined twins.

Don't worry, you didn't accidentally sprinkle LSD on your cornfalkes this morning, this is really happening.

I hope this pair have a really turbulent relationship, because seeing these two heads argue is going to be gold. Not to mention when an inevitable love interest shows up. Someone's got to have a fetish for this, right? What am I saying? It's [American Horror Story](series:206668), of course they will!

Seeing Sarah Paulson as her new character(s) has got my creative juices flowing about the dazzling array of freaks that I would like to see in this season.


Kathy Bates with Werewolf Syndrome

Kathy Bates has already been cast as 'the mother of Evan Peters' character and ex-wife of Michael Chiklis' character', but here's hoping she just happens to be a freak too. I can't think of anyone who would wear Werewolf Syndrome better. All of those blood facials as Madame Madame LaLaurie had to have some unexpected side effects, right?


Emma Roberts and her Parasitic Twin

It must be so damned tiring for Emma Roberts to be so deliciously sexy the whole time, so let's give the girl a break by giving her a nice parasitic twin for company.

Just imagine, Roberts making her entrance on stage looking smoking before performing a sultry strip tease that ends in the grand reveal of the withered legs of her dead twin. It's just so American Horror Story.

Not to mention the fact that there could be a head buried in there somewhere just waiting to spout out some unexpected demonic utterances. Lovely stuff.


Frances Conroy as the Pierced/Tattooed Lady

After seeing her as the bats**t crazy Moira O'Hara, Conroy's character just has to be a bit off the wall. I can totally imagine her as the sort of person who actually wanted to become a freak thanks to an obsessional fascination with them.

She doesn't have to start of totally tattooed or pierced though... Her obsession could grow throughout the season and lead to a series of excruciating piercing scenes. I bet hygiene wasn't all it could be in the 1950's freak show scene so who knows, maybe she could end up being a different sort of freak than she intended... Gangrene anyone?


Gabourey Sidibe with a Little Something Extra...

Gabourey Sidibe always comes across as a big girl with some enviable body confidence, so why not give her a little something extra to work with? Three breasts, of course!

I'm sure she would rock an extra boob with some serious attitude, and God help any perverts who try to prey on her extra attributes. Seeing Sidibe smashing some greasy little perverts head in as he tried to sneak a look at her extra breast would be beautiful.


Evan Peters the Human Torch

Evan Peter's has no choice but to be a love interest with that face, so why not fire him up a little bit as a human torch?

The sort of person who wants to set themselves on fire on a regular basis must be pretty emotionally damaged, and a little bit of pyromania on the side could really set off some dramatic storylines... I reckon the circus wagons everyone sleeps in would go up like a tinder box.


Jamie Brewer the Sword Swallower

After seriously creeping us out as Nan, the naive yet often totally shrewd psychic in American Horror Story: Coven, I think Brewer would be a brilliant sword swallower.

Considering the era, people would not be over sensitive to her disability and might even see it as a low budget act on its own... Until she rammed a massive sword down her neck. Looking directly at the audience with that innocent smile as she slurped down a blade would be just the right side of disturbing.


Dennis O'Hare with Stretchy Skin

Dennis O'Hare might be a 'collector of freaks', but his interest must have come from somewhere. It would add an extra dimension of darkness to his character if he had a easily hidden disability... Say mega-stretchy skin for example.

It's the sort of thing that would only be discovered in some sort of love scene and seeing the realization on someone's face that all is not what it seemed would be a right chiller.



Which freak would you like to see in American Horror Story Freak Show?

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