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Wonder Woman is on her way - and not just to stop Batman and Superman from getting their super-knickers in too much of a twist in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. No, DC's greatest female hero (sorry, Hawk Girl) and all around Amazonian kick-er of asses is going to be getting her own movie come July 2017 - and it's about time too.

The recent revelation of DC's upcoming slate by Nikki Finke has brought a whole bunch of questions to the forefront of our minds - but none quite so pressing as this: Just what are they going to do with the Wonder Woman movie?

It's a tough sell - partly because it's such an important one. Diana of Themyscira is about to become the first major female superhero to open a modern day blockbuster by herself - and in so doing, Gal Gadot is set to become an instant icon and role model to a generation.

Which she seems pretty ready for.
Which she seems pretty ready for.

So they'd better get it right.

We thought we'd take a look at the contenders for the first movie's story, and see how likely they are to happen, succeed and do Diana justice.

(Note, comic SPOILERS below!)

First up: the love interest centered one.

Steve Trevor (and the Old School Wonder Woman)

Seen here trying to out-pretty one another.
Seen here trying to out-pretty one another.

Go back far enough into Wonder Woman's past and you start digging up some seriously odd stuff. Her creator back in 1942, William Moulton Marston, had some very particular ideas about gender identity - which included both incredibly ahead of their time ideas, and some seriously questionable ones. What persists (most of the way) through to the present day, however, is a certain Steve Trevor.

The brilliance of Trevor, when done right, is that he is head over heels in love with Wonder Woman precisely because of who she is - a tough, no nonsense, but subtly crafted and well rounded woman. He doesn't seek to change her, or to save her. He's the (kick-ass) damsel in distress, and is totally on board with that in the end. That's why Lauren Montgomery's 2009 animated Wonder Woman film worked so well - aside from the ever-excellent Nathan Fillion voicing Trevor. The filmmakers got these crucial elements of their relationship right.

"And it only took like 75 years."
"And it only took like 75 years."

Their basic storyline - in which he crashes on her home island of Themyscira - is the natural place for any Wonder Woman story to begin. With Justice League having already appeared on our screens, it's most likely to feature in flashback - but if Man of Steel showed us anything, it's that the new DC movie series aren't going to be afraid to spend the first half of the movie jetting back and forward through the story.

If they're feeling unimaginative, a generic supervillain subplot tacked onto that would most likely fill the seats nicely. In fact, they could pretty much just remake the 2009 version. There's an action scene at it's start that would blow everyone away if done in live action.

Next: the villain centered one.

Wonder Woman: The Murderer?

There are really two ways DC could go about the movie if they choose to focus in the villainy, and not the romance.

One, focus on the Gods, and Ares in particular. Which whilst it's the largest part of Diana's comicbook history - and of most of the best Wonder Woman stories - could prove a little to Thor-like for DC's taste.


Two, set up a more real world villain, and make Wonder Woman the anti-hero she has occasionally flirted with being. A character named Max Lord has been confirmed for the Justice League movie - which is interesting for one main reason. Wonder Woman breaks his neck. Intentionally. With forethought.

She does so because it's the only way to save Superman and Batman's lives, but she's still perceived to have murdered him in cold blood by the general public.

Honestly, that's gratitude for you...
Honestly, that's gratitude for you...

Imagine the end of Justice League in May 2017 features Gal Gadot breaking the newly traitorous Lord's neck (think of him as a billionaire Agent Coulson, only eventually evil), prompting her own movie to feature her being hunted by the full might of the whole world's law enforcement.

I feel like people'd watch that...

The New 52 - And What it Can Do For You...

Not that kind of do.
Not that kind of do.

Wonder Woman was originally a clay figure brought to life. Mull that one over for a second or two.

Odds are, that isn't going to make it into the new movie. It's also recently been ret-conned out of existence in the comics, too, as part of the New 52 event.

Instead, Diana is now the illegitimate daughter of Zeus and the Amazon queen Hippolyta - and therefore a demigoddess. Aside from the fact that this would let her go toe to toe with big bad's alongside Superman, this storyline would also give the filmmakers a far more legitimate reason to focus on the best of her recurring enemies: the Greek God of war - Ares.

Aka This guy...
Aka This guy...

An early mentor in the new comics reality, Ares is a classic, classical bad guy - but one who could be lent a huge amount of shades of grey if so desired.

What are the odds of Diana facing off against hordes of monsters - including a Minotaur or two - before the film's end?

Oh, and in the New 52, Superman and Wonder Woman are totally dating. There's your narrative tension for Man of Steel 2, right there.

And an internet breaking wave of fan-fiction, too, most likely.

[Wonder Woman](movie:45787) is (reportedly) set for release in July 2017.


What do you think the Wonder Woman film will focus on?



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