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Good news for comicbook fans today may have come as very bad news for one man in particular. The revelation of DC's upcoming slate by Nikki Finke revealed, amid a wide range of exciting projects, the ultimate buddy movie - Green Lantern and Flash, teaming up together in a film.

So far, so good, but the information was attached with a single piece of casting news:

Ryan Reynolds won't be returning as Green Lantern.

If true, this suggests that either Reynolds is set to take the blame for the failure of 2011's Green Lantern, or he himself has tired of the indecision, and decided to move onto other (perhaps more Deadpool-shaped) things.

Either way, it's terrible news for those who felt Reynolds' performance was the best thing about that film - and great news for those who felt the franchise needed some new blood. It just so happens that Movie Pilot's fan casting for Green Lantern has found itself in it's grand final this very day - and Reynolds still finds himself in the mix. You can check that out here, and let your voice be heard in the raging debate of casting.

In the meantime, though - the good news looks set to stick around longer than the bad. The Flash and Green Lantern have teamed up with great success in the past - In The Brave and The Bold, in particular - and the prospect of them teaming up in a movie is one likely to excite almost any fan.

The film is set for release Christmas 2017 (If Nikki Finke has her dates right)


What do you guys think? Is this the team up you'd most like to see?



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