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The big news of the day might be the reported announcement of DC's entire upcoming slate of movies - and that is pretty darned huge news - but flying under the radar, another story has leaked. A story that could tell us more about the upcoming Justice League Movie than any number of movie announcements:

Martian Manhunter is coming to the Justice League Movie. Which is all well and good - but we kind of all assumed that, right? If Jeff Sneider of The Wrap is to correct, though, then not only will we be seeing J'onn J'onzz, but somone even more important. shattering.

Darkseid is coming.

For those of you who know the villain already, that name is surely sufficient to send substantial shivers of excitement and concern all the way down your spine. Excitement, because Darkseid is awesome. Concern, because he's absolutely lethal. As in, could crush Batman into a small cube with pointy ears without breaking a sweat, that sort of lethal.

Yup, something like that.
Yup, something like that.

For those out there who don't know too much about the Lord of Apokolips, or the Manhunting Martian, we thought we'd dig into their history a little bit, and see just what their appearances might mean for the Justice League movie.

Note, some comicbook SPOILERS below:

Meet: Darkseid, the Lord of Apokolips:

And tremble before the explosions behind him.
And tremble before the explosions behind him.

If you ever want to spend a few hours in the company of true comicbook greatness, you could do a lot worse than tracking down Jack Kirby's New Gods, from way back in 1971. In that series - a grand space-epic that plays out a little like Thor crossed with Star Wars - Kirby created the beginnings of a story that would eventually envelop the whole DC universe.

Darkseid, born Prince Uxas of Apokolips, grew from a petty, murderous royal to one of the most powerful figures in the galaxy - by way of murdering his own brother and mother, betraying pretty much everyone he ever met, and generally destroying everything around him that wouldn't bow to his rule.

What does this mean for the Justice League movie, though?

Well, that all depends on what direction they decide to take the film. If it's the beginning of a long, Marvel-style narrative arc, then expect Darkseid to appear in the shadows as an impending 'big bad' for later movies.

If they're determined to open with a bang, however, we might just see something along the lines of Final Crisis - a major crossover event in which Darkseid comes perilously close to destroying the Earth - and kills (sort of) one of DC's most beloved heroes. Combine that with some of his earlier conflicts with Superman, and a previous story-line in which he killed close to half of Wonder Woman's Amazon people, and you've got a serious stew going.

Meet J'onn J'onzz, The Martian Manhunter:

And popular dinner party guest.
And popular dinner party guest.

With his first appearance being way back in November 1955, J'onn 'Martian Manhunter' J'onzz is, unsurprisingly, a Martian - though not an invade-y sort, but rather one drawn to Earth by accident. He originally took on the mantle of John Jones, a detective, before eventually becoming a key member of the Justice League.

He also loves Oreo cookies, which is just adorable.

In a Justice league movie, though - this obvious marketing crossover aside - what can we expect from him?

Short answer: the straight man. Martian Manhunter has historically been the perfect foil to more light-hearted heroes, and odds are, he'll be a dry, deep voiced rock of stability, next to which more whimsical figures like The Flash can shine. His presence would also allow Batman and Superman to quip away, while leaving the movie with a solid core of action seriousness.

Also, he's tall, green, super strong, and can shape shift. What movie couldn't use that?

[Justice League](movie:401267) is set for release in 2017 (In May, if you believe Nikki Finke's recent announcement)


Who are you more excited for in the Justice League movie?



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