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For a very long time, Steven Spielberg had wished to direct a James Bond movie. His favourite movie growing up was the 1964 James Bond, Goldfinger, and throughout his career he has had numerous attempts to direct Bond without success. That is until Indiana Jones... well sort of.

Spielberg was turned down by Bond producer Albert Broccoli once after Jaws and once after Close Encounters of the Third Kind. He was reportedly told by Broccoli that he just wasn't good enough. Spielberg later said on the matter:

No matter how successful I was, he wouldn’t let me in the front door...

Just after the second refusal and with MGM, George Lucas presented him with a script. Eager to console his friend, he told him that the script was 'better than James Bond' and after reading it Spielberg himself admitted that he thought of it as a 'James Bond without the hardware'; and so Indiana Jones was born.

Throughout the Indiana Jones series there have been various links and gags to Bond; some intentional and some just sheer coincidence. Here they are:

The Bond Alumni

Julian Glover, who appeared as Walter Donovan in The Last Crusade, was the Villain in For Your Eyes Only:

John Rhys-Davies, who had the recurring role as Sallah in Raiders and The Last Crusade, was General Pushkin in The Living Daylights:

The White Tux Jacket

In Temple of Doom Indy wears an off-white dinner tux with a red carnation in the button hole, white shirt and bow tie. This is identical to the tux Sean Connery wore in Goldfinger; Spielberg's favorite bond. It's so cool seeing such a big director being a complete fanboy; this is one of my favorites.

The Indy Girls (One was also a Bond girl)

Much like Bond, Indy had a different woman in every movie (with the exception of Crystal Skull which didn't happen, I've suppressed it, what about you?). The funny thing is that Spielberg and Lucas argued quite a bit on this point as they knew it would make it too much like James Bond and would perhaps be hard to believe. Curiously, it was Lucas who saw him more as Bond in this instance, while Spielberg thought that his academic career mixed with his adventures created more complexity to the character. Spielberg said he saw him as an alcoholic similar to Humphrey Bogart's character 'Dodds' from The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.

The alcoholic element was written out of the story but in Raiders, just after he believes Marion to be dead, we get to see him use drink as an anti-depressive; which leads me to believe that he isn't quite the Bondian playboy.

Karen Allen as 'Marion Ravenwood'

Kate Capshaw as 'Willie Scott'

Alison Doody as 'Elsa' WHO WAS AN ACTUAL BOND GIRL in A View to a Kill.

Vic Armstrong

Long time Bond stuntman, Vic Armstrong, was also the stuntman on the Indiana Jones series. Perhaps not so much an Easter Egg as a bit of trivia, it's interesting all the same.

Harrison Ford and Vic Armstrong:

Vic Armstrong performing a stunt as James Bond (Roger Moore) in Live and Let Die:


Finally, and perhaps most importantly, James Bond is literally Indiana Jones' father in The Last Crusade.

Below we see Sean Connery as Dr. Jones senior and Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones:

This is perhaps the biggest nod to James Bond. Spielberg had spent his career trying to get the job directing Bond and now he had his own Bondian franchise and managed to get a real James Bond to come along on his adventure. It is almost as though Indiana Jones wouldn't exist without Bond; strangely both in the film and out of it.

A funny Bond trope that is used in the movie is when, instead of killing Indy and Dr Jones, the Nazis tie them up and leave them in a room; 'illogical' yes, 'pointless' of course, but ultimately necessary when paying homage to Bond. They will inevitably get away and get back in the chase.

Perhaps my favorite moment and exchange between Indy and his father is when his farther inadvertently admits that he has slept with Elsa. At this point Indy had already slept with her and so felt almost threatened by his Dad and is perhaps a little sick about it; his Dad is rather proud of himself. He's James Bond, he can get any woman he wants.

INDY: How did you know she was a Nazi?
DR. JONES: She talks in her sleep.

And so there we have it. The Bond Easter Eggs.

Which one is your favorite?


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