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The Walking Dead is awesome. Easter Eggs are awesome. Therefore an article about Walking Dead Easter Eggs must be doubly awesome, right?

We've already covered all the nods, winks and Easter Eggs from Season 4, so without further ado, here is the best of the rest from Seasons 1 to 3. Give em' a look and see how many you'd already spotted.

1) Plaid Shirt Zombie

Fans of Dawn of the Dead will instantly recognize this decomposing creature as Plaid Shirt Zombie. He turned up in Season 3 of The Walking Dead but if you missed him first time round, it's probably because it was the same episode Daryl had to put down his reanimated brother, Merle. It was emotional stuff.

2) The Smoking Man

Here's one for the 90s kids out there: Dale's brand of cigarettes, the fictional Morley, is the same as those puffed on by the X-Files' tobacco fiend, the Smoking Man. I Want To Believe!

3) Perks of the Job

If you were executive producer and FX guru on The Walking Dead, what would be the first thing you do? Get made up as a zombie and rip out the throat of an attractive blond, obviously! The flesh-eating monster above is none other than Greg Nicotero, the creative genius responsible for the show's gruesome ghouls.

4) Jaws' Revenge


Nicotero is a huge fan of dropping famous (dead) faces on the show. The hideous head stored in the Governor's 'aquarium' is a replica of Ben Gardner’s severed head from Jaws. I think we're gonna need a bigger tank...

5) Blue Sky Thinking

This is one of my favorite Easter Eggs from The Walking Dead. Check out Merle's bag a of 'medication'. Look familiar? Walter White's famous Blue Sky meth is the antidote to all apocalypses.

6) Never Dodge a Challenge

While we're on the subject of crystal meth, Glenn's ride in Season 1 is the same one Walt Jnr. took for a spin in Breaking Bad. He is the one who donuts...

7) Touch Down of the Dead

Does this rotting face look familiar? That's because it belongs to former Pittsburgh Wide Received Hines Ward. Clearly adjusting to life after football is harder for some.

8) Darabont's Moonlighting

The name of the building company seen in Season 1 might not seem familiar but it's the birth name of former showrunner Frank Darabont, who was born Darabont Ferenc. The more you know...

9) Lori's Close Encounter of the Dino Kind

An Easter Egg on the Season 3 DVD, this clearly shows the real reason Lori rolled the car...

It's now over to you. Use the comment section below to let me know if there're any [The Walking Dead](series:201193) Easter Eggs I might have missed.


What was your favorite Easter Egg?

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