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One of the greatest things about the CW's Arrow is star Stephen Amell's finely honed sense of geekiness. There's nothing more endearing than watching the star of a show geek out about a cameo as much as the fans themselves - and Amell is rarely one to hold himself back from doing just that.

His most recent reveal? He freaked out about Harley Quinn's guest appearance just as much as everyone else watching at home - since he didn't realize she would appear.

Speaking at Phoenix Comic Con, the actor also revealed what he knows about any future appearances from Harley - and the past one we're unlikely to see anytime soon:

"I don't know if she's going to be involved in Season Three, but the high-pitched voice in Episode 16 was absolutely Harley Quinn...I didn't know about any of this, by the way, because I wasn't in that scene. But I'm a fan and I remember seeing that preview and feeling like I should have known that this was going to happen!...I also know that there was an additional scene with that character in the finale -- again, still in the cell, still with her back to us -- but it had to be cut for time."

So, there's no guarantee of Harley in Arrow Season 3 then - but she's a long way from written off too.

[Arrow](series:720988)[Arrow](series:720988) is set to return for a third season this fall.


What do you guys think? Will we see Harley in season 3?



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