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Another day, another old guy with a dark past on a path of revenge. This time it's a bookish Denzel Washington looking out for Chloe Moretz in Antoine Fuqua's The Equalizer. A second trailer just surfaced on-line so go ahead an get equal below.

A nice choice of books and hey, who knows, this one might just turn out to be more Ghost Dog than Taken. Despite her recent brush with European art cinema, Moretz is continuing to pop up in bigger budget fare. A touch more interestingly though, is that the film re-teams Washington with his Training Day director; the last time these two worked together Denzel picked up the Academy Award.

Will The Equalizer bear such prestigious fruit? We doubt it. But that's no reason to think it won't be any fun along the way.

Shame about the slow motion walk in front of the explosion bit.

Not to mention the Rihanna too.

Interested in getting equal? Let us know below.

[The Equalizer](movie:4448) hits theatres September 26th.



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