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It's almost 25 years now since Spike Lee broke onto the scene with Do the Right Thing but arguably his professional situation has never looked shakier. Nobody really saw Red Hook Summer in 2012; Da Brick- his HBO show with John Boyega- was never picked up; and last year's Oldboy was a failure all round (although we didn't think it was quite so bad). A copyright claim from a graphic designer might yet land the director in court so things, regrettably, aren't looking great.

Well it seems that you can't keep a good man down. Lee is said to be producing a TV version of She's Gotta Have It but before that we have Da Sweet Blood Of Jesus, a crowdfunded vampire film which Lee calls "Funny, sexy and bloody". The first image just dropped. Take a look.

Not a whole lot you can say about that.

What do you reckon? Let us know below.

[The Sweet Blood of Jesus](movie:1065869) hits theatres later this year.

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