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They say that pigs flying is a sign of things being fundamentally awry with the world - but what does that mean for flying penguins?

Thankfully, The Penguins of Madagascar, which finally has a trailer, doesn't ask us that question too strongly. Instead, it asks us to think about just how funny and surreal an extended sequence of penguins falling can get.

You can check it out for yourself below:

The film, a spin-off of the wildly successful Madagascar franchise (and the Penguins' own subsequent TV series) is set for release in the fall, and will see Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private find themselves in the middle of their very own spy thriller. With Tom McGrath, Chris Miller, John DiMaggio and Christopher Knights returning as the penguins themselves, the film also finds itsef in possession of a dazzling array of guest voice talent, including Ken Jeong, John Malkovich and the ever-popular Benedict Cumberbatch (whose character Classified you may have spotted in the trailer).

[The Penguins of Madagascar](movie:671263) is set for release November 26, 2014.


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