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Matt Carter

Eli Roth is probably the Grand Prince of Gore and from what I've heard about his upcoming horror flick, The Green Inferno, it's another movie from the gore-tuer that pulls no punches when it comes to the red stuff.

Which is all to say I was rather excited when I discovered Roth had released a couple of new stills from the movie, as I was hoping to get a face-full of blood, severed limbs and putrefying innards.

However, instead of the expected horrors of decapitation and cannibalistic feasting, we got a couple of tame images of star Sky Ferreira looking intact and blood free: although for how long, is anyone's guess.

Check em' out:

Oh Eli you big tease! When are we going to get a look at the good stuff?

I guess we'll have to wait until [The Green Inferno](movie:400207) hits theaters September 5, 2014.

(source HitFix)


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