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So what could be better than zombies? In my opinion, not much. Well, yes, necromancers controlling them, but I digress. This is all just in the talks now, but it seems like it could be a pretty interesting concept. Apparently they are going to spin it off that she wasn't having an affair with the president, and instead that she was some super secret zombie slayer (equipped all samurai like) protecting the USA from hordes of the undead.

With the success of Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, the plot for this movie started to stir, and then they kinda ran with it. I was a fan of Marilyn, and God knows I love me some zombies. This could be a win, though I don't really think the Abe Lincoln movie did much for me. :-/

So what do you think of this for a movie? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments! Leave me some love (it's my first article shhhh).

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