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Now when the title was announced for the film that is going to put the Man of Steel up against the Caped Crusader, we all laughed, then came to the sad realization that Warner Bros. was not pulling a trick on us like "Haha, we were just kidding about that horrible title, this movie is going to be called World's Finest: Justice League Origins. Haha, just kidding about that one too! The real title is World's Finest, because lets face it, this isn't a [Man of Steel](movie:15593) sequel anymore."

Now im sure all of you know that [Captain America 3](movie:994409) is set to be released on the same day as [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870). Now put your mind into the general public, people who dont keep up with all the movie news, people who dont read the comics, just people that will go to the movie if they think the movie looked good according to the commercial or a trailer they saw at another movie.

So you are sitting at home, you see a commercial for Captain America 3 you think it looks alright but we have gotten this hero before, now in the next commercial break, you see a commercial with Superman flying around and Batman about punch Superman, then you see Wonder Woman walking in with her cleavage showing (to help get men and teenagers into the seats), Lex Luthor looking out a big window at LexCorp with a big villainous smile on his face as Superman is about to Clash with Batman, Cyborg is shooting his gun, all played to by dramatic epic music by Hans Zimmer and maybe a few lines from the characters like if they had a shot of Superman about to fight Batman and he goes like "So...what can you do?" then the commercial ends saying "Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice, in theaters this friday, rated PG-13" then you are hooked into it aren't you?

You have seen Captain America 4 times on the screen by then (First Avenger, The Avengers, [Captain America: The Winter Soldier](movie:254973), and Cap 3 would be his fourth appearance) but this is the first time these two will clash, throw in [Wonder Woman](movie:45787) to the mix, and some Cyborg, then next thing you know, you will be at the theater, helping Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice take the #1 spot that weekend, while Captain America 3 cries at being #2 for the weekend.

Then DC will know that they have won this battle. Now, you may be thinking "Well if they have a commercial showing Batman and Superman fighting and maybe have it acknowledge that these two will collide for the first time, why would the title matter?" well also, lots of people say they dont watch TV, and lots of people DVR their shows and fast forward through the commercials so when those type of people are driving to work, they will see a billboard with Batman and Superman facing back to back with each other with Wonder Woman in the middle and it says the title, then they will know, get sucked into buying a ticket and if that person is at a movie and they see a poster version of that billboard or maybe a trailer, then they will also purchase a ticket...or maybe Warner Bros. is just stupid.

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