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Tino Jochimsen

As countless crime movies have taught us: falling in love is never a good idea for a lawbreaker.

The Spanish thriller Cannibal extends this movie truism to a group of criminals not necessarily thought of as romantics. Yep, we're talking about a cannibal love story.

Cannibal revolves around Carlos, a tailor with the rather peculiar culinary predilection for the flesh of human ladies. Doubts arise for the cannibal, when he falls in love with one of his potential victims.

The trailer for Cannibal makes the movie look eerie, atmospheric and quite beautifully shot. It also won its fair share of Goyas, the Spanish Academy Award. In other words: this looks like a rather delicious cinematic dessert for those not fed up with cannibalism after Eli Roth's sure-to-be gruesome The Green Inferno.

But watch the trailer for Cannibal yourself:


Did the trailer for Cannibal whet your appetite?


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