ByCoco J Ruddach, writer at
Coco J Ruddach

I would like for everyone around the world to know, that as a store owner/operator that yesterday was an eye opener to me when I heard a very traumatizing and disturbing news, about a young girl being bullied and victimized by Cooperate Office entering her work place and yelling and bullying her making her feel like she was worth nothing, and this guy not realizing that other employees were present and also customers. Everyone present was shocked to here such a disturbing independent occur in the work force. You know we here about the bullying each and everyday of our lives, young people committing suicide, because they fear to tell anyone, because the bully has convinced them, that no one will care or believe them. Very sad that we see and hear about this each and everyday. when it comes to someone that is close to you, and know that you could not be there to help them, it hurts even more. Please like my page to stop not only the bulllying in the schools, but we need to stop the bullying in the workforce also. These bullies need to know that it is not acceptable, and are emplyyes to to be strong and not fear them. No one deserves this kind of abuse, and if the victims are afraid to speak out then lets us be the strong ones to fight the bullies off in the work force. My heart hurts for this young girl. Imagine how she hurts, and how she felt after the bully left, and she had to put her soldier hat on, only to face the customers and act like nothing happened. Please give this young girl as many likes as she can get to be a real trooper, and that we admire her strength. Please everyone, lets stop the bullying in the workplace. We wonder why children become bullies. Children learn from what they see and hear.


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