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At the beginning of the month, the internet went wild for Rick Baker's early concept designs for the doomed production Night Skies. Many reported it as a sequel to Close Encounters, many more believed them to be inspiration for Steven Spielberg's E.T.

Baker's slightly altered Night Skies design
Baker's slightly altered Night Skies design

Indiewire dug a little deeper and found much more to that particular story so we decided to take a look ourselves and see if we could find any real E.T. concept designs.

Spielberg contacted legendary concept designer Ralph McQuarrie after seeing his incredible work on George Lucas' Star Wars. He asked McQuarrie to tweak the designs and so the two set to making the now classic film. Little it seems is out there but we did find two revealing shots.

McQuarrie designed the ship which E.T. uses to return home. A quick look at the design and final project shows just how close the two were.

McQuarrie's quite lovely drawing
McQuarrie's quite lovely drawing
The final shot
The final shot

Other than the above detail, only this photo of McQuarrie seems to be out there but it's an interesting one all the same. The artist in studio, busy at work creating a cinematic classic:

We'd love to find some more of this stuff, do you know of any more out there? Help us out in the comments section below.

Follow Baker's Twitter here if you're into this sort of stuff. It's a true treasure trove of images.


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