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Guillermo del Toro is a busy man. He’s a month away from premiering The Strain on FX, while animated picture Book of Life, which he performed production duties on, hits theaters in October. Meanwhile, he’s working on Pacific Rim 2‘s script, he still wants to make Hellboy 3, Justice League Dark film, Crimson Peak comes out in 2015, and his stop-motion retelling of Pinocchio is waiting in the wings, too. The list of potential projects on his docket are practically endless. So at some point he has to sacrifice some projects which it seems is the live-action adaptation of the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast entitled "Beauty" starring Emma Watson as Belle. This is not a Disney film. Disney has its own version in the works.

Del Toro penned the screenplay himself, so he still has a stake in its success. To that end, he’s remaining aboard as a producer, and it sounds like he’s going to be involved in the search for his replacement. But the Pan’s Labyrinth auteur’s change of heart here does leave Beauty kind of rudderless.

I was really looking forward to Del Toro's take on the classic tale being a fan of the original animated film . Del Toro is known for darker twists in fantasy stories which actually work [Pan's Labyrinth] so this news is disappointing.

What do you think? Should Warner Bros be making this movie since the whole hook of the premise was Del Toro's vision? Disney will be mighty pleased with this news since now their own version will have a clear edge.


With Del Toro gone, should WB be still making Beauty ?

Source: Deadline


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