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We could argue all we want about how much this is not necessary and it could just worsen Michael Bays reputation, but its happening, and we should just accept it, so before you go and inevitably pre-book your tickets online, here is a look at what we would expect from this movie!

Cast Rehash

We all almost got sick of the sight of Shia Labeouf, so admittedly it was a good decision by Michael Bay to replace him with Mark Wahlberg, an actor much more suited to this type of film, also characters like John Turturro have been cut off as well, thank god! And the likes of Ken Watanabe and Stanley Tucci have been placed into Age of Extinction, much more confident line up than the previous three films!


Despite lots of things are have changed in this film, massive amounts of explosions left,right and center is something that is consistent in all Michael Bay films, it may be quiet at the start, be in the last 45-60 minutes, explosions will be used in almost every scene.

Overuse of the Human Element

Its happened in all the Transformers movies so far, and it looks to happen again, all the Transformers movies make the humans the main characters and the Transformers the side characters! That's not what the fans want, we want more Transformer action and less Human interaction.

Lots of Dinobots!

This was rumoured for some time now, then the Super Bowl spot cam out and we saw Optimus Prime riding grimlock. And then details late came as which ones would be in the Movie, and they are:

Grimlock, the leader of the Dinobots who transforms into a horned, mechanical Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Strafe, a Dinobot who specializes in assault infantry and transforms into a mechanical two-headed and two-tailed Pteranodon.

Slug, the savage destroyer amongst the Dinobots who transforms into a mechanical spiked and bestial Triceratops.

Scorn, the Dinobots' demolition specialist who transforms into a mechanical three-sailed Spinosaurus.

Slash, a Dinobot stealth fighter who transforms into a mechanical Velociraptor.

Slog, a Dinobot who transforms into a mechanical spiked Apatosaurus.

Snarl, a Dinobot who transforms into a mechanical Stegosaurus.

We do not know how long they will be in the movie, but the thought of them actually being there gets us all excited!

Inevitable Box Office Success

Every Transformers film has received at least $700 Million worldwide and this will be no different, but with a stronger cast and the dinobots included, The fourth installment may be the highest yet!

I'm on the fence with this one to be honest. It has the potential to succeed but the potential to fail, so what do you guys think, comment below and let me know!


Do you think Transformers: Age of Extinction will succeed?


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