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Writer Jack Reher has penned a story of a killer bear and I cannot be more excited about it. Originally titled Red Machine, then Endangered, it is now, simply, Grizzly. Directed by David Hackl (Saw V), Grizzly stars James Marsden, Thomas Jane, Billy Bob Thornton, Piper Perabo, Michaela McManus, Scott Glenn, Adam Beach and Kelly Curran.

When Marsden and Jane, accompanied by their girlfriends, go on a camping trip, they encounter the Red Machine; a grizzly bear who is relentlessly stalking them.

Though the trailer has not yet been released, I am here to tell you that this is going to be great horror fun. Trust me on this; Jack Reher is someone to keep your eye on and I will be sure to keep you updated.

Image Source; Bloody Disgusting


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