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Tom Hiddleston who has become iconic in the role of the villainous Loki, is trading out his golden horns for a cowboy hat.

Hiddleston is set to play country singer Hank Williams in Marc Abraham's 'I Saw The Light' and will do all his own singing for the role. Production is set to start in Louisiana this October.

Tom Hiddleston has become one of the shining parts of [The Avengers](movie:9040) and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, his performance as the God Of Mischief, Loki, is so fantastic! I really can't wait to see Hiddleston in a role like this, a big departure from what audiences are used to from him. I personally don't really know about Hank Williams a lot but I'm interested in Hiddleston's career and I'm loving the decisions he's making with all his different roles, this role should certainly show a side to Tom Hiddleston that we haven't seen before.

Tom Hiddleston and Hank Williams
Tom Hiddleston and Hank Williams

I didn't see Hiddleston's most recent film, [Only Lovers Left Alive](movie:413675) but I heard he was really good in the movie and that looked like a very, very different role for him.

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I love the fact that Hiddleston will be singing as well, an actor actually singing the songs themselves instead of being dubbed over brings a lot more gravity and weight to their performance, we saw it recently with Oscar Isaac in 'Inside Llewyn Davis', he performed all of the songs and his character just felt so real because of his singing, he was able to bring the emotion out through song.

Hank Williams led very troubled life, he died very young, he became an alcoholic. This could be a role that could potentially be up for awards consideration, but that really all depends on Hiddleston's performance, but he hasn't let me down so far so I'm excited for this.

I am really interested in this role for Hiddleston because he's a fantastic actor, he will no doubt soon be one of the biggest names in movies and I am really excited to see what he brings to this role.

What about you guys, does Tom Hiddleston playing Hank Williams strike a chord with you?


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