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So, the general consensus on this long anticipated HIMYM series finale was rage. At least that's what I got from my friends. Well, mostly rage, with one person who actually liked it and one who grudgingly accepted it and then tried to defend it.

For those of you that don't know: [here come the SPOILERS btw]

Everything was great until the last five minutes. In those last five minutes, we find out that the mother is dead, Barney and Robin are no more, and no one talks to Lily and Marshall and this entire series has been "Kids, this is how I met your mother, can I go bang your Aunt Robin now?"...oookkk...

My view on this? Bullshit. We spent how many seasons waiting to meet this mother and what do you do? You take her from us. We grow to love Barney and Robin together, and now they're done.

Honestly, I could have dealt with the dead mother. It could have been "this is how I met her and she was a wonderful person." But throwing Robin in made it taste sour.

And then I find out this was the ending written and shot like four seasons ago? Really?! Why not just end it then? (To hear further rants about this sort of topic, check out my other article "When TV Shows Should Die.")

Now. I do have a confession to make. As mentioned earlier, I have a lot of friends who were big fans of the show. They got me to start watching it. By the time the finale aired, I was only in Season Two. After hearing about the outrage, I begged a friend to just tell me about it and see whether it was worth watching seven more seasons when I could be watching GOT instead. Let's just say he told me, I watched the finale, and then subsequently deleted it off my watch list. Why should I give all of my time to a show with such a disappointing ending?

So. To the point. There are a couple of petitions going around to rewrite, reshoot, and reair the series finale. Here is the link to the most popular one, with over 20,000 signatures:

What do you guys think? Are you going to sign it?


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