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Ryan Gosling (Drive) and Russell Crowe (Noah) are set to star in director Shane Black's (Iron Man 3, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) new Noir film 'Nice Guys'. Shane Black co wrote the story which takes place in the 1970's and centers around a tough enforcer and a private eye teaming up to investigate a murder conspiracy surrounding a fading porn stars suicide.

I am a ginormous fan of both of these actors. Russell Crowe is one of the best actors who ever lived, some arguments could be made that he is the best. And Ryan Gosling is just so good in everything he does.

Russell Crowe is of course iconic for his roles in films like Gladiator, A Beautiful Mind and even more recently films like Noah and Man Of Steel, this man owns every role he is given, he is always the stand out of every film he's in. I always get excited for a new Russell Crowe project and now even better his co star is the one and only Ryan Gosling who is an absolutely fantastic actor, he blew me away in Drive and The Ides Of March and surprised me with his comedy in Crazy, Stupid, Love.

I love both these actors so much and the fact they are starring alongside each other is just great. So we have two great lead actors, so what huh?

Well we have Shane Black to direct this movie! Shane Black of course is responsible for last years controversial 'Iron Man 3', not a film everyone loved. I personally really liked it a lot and in terms of how that film was directed, it was great! It was beautifully shot and excellently paced.

Not a fan of Iron Man 3? Well Shane Black also directed one of my favorite dark comedies; 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang', which if you haven't seen, I highly recommend. That film was funny, witty and really well done. Shane Black really hasn't let me down, and he's also one of my favorite screenwriters. Black and Anthony Bagarozzi wrote "The Nice Guys" years ago, so I have no doubt the script will be really good. If you didn't know, Shane Black also wrote Lethal Weapon, so there's something to be happy about.

I'm excited for this movie, so far its looking to have a great cast, a great script and a really great director. Are you guys excited for "The Nice Guys"?


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