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When I first heard that Disney was making a Maleficent movie, I think I had a nerdgasm all over myself! How awesome! (You can see how excited I am by all the exclamation points!) My favorite Disney villain getting her own movie. I wanted the dragon, I wanted the crow, I wanted that awesome hat, and especially the resounding clang of her ticked off staff every time she dashed it on the ground.

And I got all of those. Except, as they promised, this wasn't the story we are used to. This is the story of a fairy wronged by a human and seeking revenge. I can't write all that I would love to write about this movie, because I hate giving anything away, and the previews really don't give much away besides the fact that she had wings at one point, talks with Aurora a few times, and summons up some awesome forest creatures.

I will say that going into it I expected her to be a fallen angel. I mean, her wings are angelic and she has horns for crying out loud! I was wrong, but that was OK. At least I'm not complaining that she has some Lady Gaga thing going on with her cheekbones like another movie goer was. I enjoyed the movie overall, but in my mind there are now two Maleficent characters: the movie one, and the kick ass, don't pull any punches, dragon morphing, fire breathing baddie from the cartoon.

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