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Kristen Wiig is re-teaming with her 'Bridesmaids' Annie Mumolo to co write and star in a new comedy where she will also be making her directorial debut!

The film centers around two best friends who find themselves in over their heads and out of their depths.

I am a fan of Kristen Wiig, I think she has great comedic timing, she's a decent actress and I enjoy seeing her on screen. Unlike most people I did not like Bridesmaids, I just didn't enjoy that film, I thought it was extremely over rated but I certainly liked Kristen Wiig in the film, I thought she was funny.

I'm excited to see her step behind the camera, its always exciting to see a directorial debut. I think Kristen will do well, she has a really good sense for comedy and like I said her comedic timing is impeccable. As far as her as a straight up actress, I haven't been as impressed as yet, I thought she was quite bland in last years "The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty" but perhaps that was down to her character. But this film is another comedy so I expect she'll do well.

I think this will just be another generic female comedy but I can get over that as long as its directed well and this can go either way, but I'm rooting for her to do a good job. I'm not really excited about the movie until I hear more about it, but I am excited to see what she does behind the camera.

Are you guys excited for Kristen Wiig's directorial debut?


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